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    I'm a Web Systems Developer, Networking and Web Business Writing. (Certified) with the International Webmasters Association-USA. I began Web developments and business writing in 1997. Since that time I have helped many companies, Organisations with Web Design, Development, Software and Hardware development needs. My journey started with The Open University Milton Kynes where I studied Social Science and Information Technology. Since then I've been involved in professional developments as back in the late 1990's. I have worked with many programming languages and on several computer platforms since 1993. I'm a Full Member of the HTML Writer's Guilde and the International Webmasters Association Please contact me for any needs that you might have and let me tell you how I can assist you in your business or organization!. Read more...

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    Web sites are developed by groups of people to meet the needs of other groups of people. Unfortunately, Web projects are often approached as a "technology problem," and projects are colored from the beginning by enthusiasms for particular Web techniques or browser plug-ins (Flash, digital media, XML, databases, etc.), not by real human or business needs. People are the key to successful Web projects. To create a substantial site you'll need content experts, writers, information architects, graphic designers, technical experts, and a producer or committee chair responsible for seeing the project to completion. Read more...

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    Organizes, coordinates and facilitates efforts in the planning, design, organization, development,maintenance and consistency of County web-based services.Implements programs and analyzes effectivenesss. Coordinates the collection and analysis of data and other information. Oversees interns or staff, as assigned. Exercises independent judgment in analyzing problems, issues and situations;develops and implements recommendations. Plans, conducts and presents at meetings. Assists managenment and other staff, as directed. Complies with legal standards and requirements. Read more...

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    Web editors produce and/ or maintain one or more collection(s) and/ or resource(s) within the context of the LSE website. In doing so, web editors share 'ownership' of the collection(s) and/ or resource(s) they produce and/ or maintain with the Web Services team. The emphasis of this shared ownership is upon enabling web editors to operate autonomously within the context of a wider framework operated by the Web Services team. The role of a web editor differs slightly depending on whether the web pages they manage use LSE template or not, or are independent web services. Read more...

About Me and Aims and Objectives

Firstly I am a Certified Web Technologist graduated from the International Webmasters Association as Web Technologist I 've established myself as one of the leading developers of new technology in Geneva. I intend to continue to push the boundaries of technology developing exciting and Web Business developments for the global market. I have a culture of innovation where I can make a difference. Therefore, I intend joining a team in an IT department or design firm where I will contribute to dynamic and exciting web sites as I utilize the knowledge I now have while continuing to learn the latest in Web Technologies. .

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